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Website Audit

Let me take a look at your website and review the content that lives there now. I’ll look for a few things when I take a look around. First, I’ll check the quality of the writing. Sometimes two sets of eyes are better for this. I’ll also check the quantity – Too much text and clutter can hurt you as much as too little.

Obviously, you’ll want to have an effective homepage. This is where your guests will get that first impression of you. Let’s make it strong!

Most people have a hard time with their ABOUT page. You’ve got to talk about yourself, after all. Self-promotion is tough for lots of folks and having a third party to review can be a big help. Let’s make it optimized for you.

If you’ve got some blog pages, I’ll take a look at them too. The purpose of a blog is not to be too “salesy” but to convey value to your audience.

Your review entitles you to ask for a review of up to six pages, so I’ll give you my thoughts after the audit is complete. Feedback and recommendations will be returned to you.

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